Thursday, 3 October 2013

Full Sail

Good morning all, a bit of a mixed bag weatherwise, rain earlier on, now it is cloudy but quite warm. Today's card, it's that long since I took a photo of it I really have to think. Blank topper and stamps-Kanban, coloured with Promarkers, background a touch of Pan Pastels, Spodgeaway mask used for border and framework, anchor and compass Kanban, sentiment from stash, one of my UIU bags!
 I have put some more garden photos on too.

Paving and slate gravel finished,a bit of tidying to do I think.
These stones are some of the ones that were dug up, and are going to be used in a little rockery in this corner.
The chimenea looks lost in that corner, will have to get a bigger one for next year. Bird feeder back in place, I hope the birds haven't moved to pastures new. An apple on the floor to encourage the blackbirds.
Paving at the back door, just look at all our garden shoes just dumped there, but we dashed out to move this, help with that, they had a permanent spot near the back door.
This is the barbecue built from some off the bricks that were dug up. 
Well that's it for today folks, I am going to make some celery and butter bean soup for lunch, and then it is back to planting bulbs, there are times when I regret buying a box of 200, but I know it will be worth it in spring, if the squirrels don't dig them up first! Take care.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

21st card the one she chose.

Good morning all, well this is the card she chose for her daughter's 21st. Card and topper -Kanban, LOTV stamp and sentiment, coloured with Promarkers, embossing folder-Sue Wilson, doyley, jewels, pearls and numerals from stash. That's it! Some more garden pics.

These two are just paving.
The colours show up best when it is wet, so that will be a plus for rainy days!

These next two are of the top raised bed, as you can see the plants look lost, there are a few more now but it still looks empty, it will take a lot to fill this!

Well that's it for today folks, a cloudy cold looking day, but I will wrap up later and venture out to plant some more bulbs. Take care.

Monday, 30 September 2013

21st Card- London theme

Good afternoon everyone, today's card- background some postcard type stamps that I have had for ages. Stamps by Kanban, heat embossed, ribbon and numerals from stash, that's it, that is all I had for London. I have been dashing about like a loon all afternoon, trying to keep myself busy, as my grandson Jake has had an operation to have a skin graft over a hole in his ear drum. Thankfully have just received a text to say he is out of theatre, so I can relax a little now.  I have included some more garden pics on today's post.

Just a tiny island of grass/weeds left in the middle, and yet another pile of housebricks that have been dug up!
Not many sleepers left now.
Weedproof membrane going down, hopefully farewell dock leaves!
Now the hardcore.
Now it is all being compacted. Well that's it for today, take care.

Monday, 23 September 2013

21st card -Fashion Theme 2

Good afternoon everyone, it is a grey one today, very overcast which is what was predicted, but still warm at 16 degrees, so we can't grumble.
Today's card- Card, toppers and stamp -Kanban, coloured with Pro-Marker, embossing folder is Creative Expressions or Sue Wilson, sentiments LOTV, ribbon and Card Candi from stash. I  have shown some more photo's of the garden below.

This is my one decent border, looking a bit bedraggled, due to all the digging of post holes, it looks even more bedraggled now believe me!
More posts and sleepers........

and more! but now you can see the walls on the raised beds starting to emerge.
My weedy grass patch or grassy weed patch is shrinking.
Well that's it for today, hope you are all ok and enjoying some good autumn weather. Take care.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

21st card- Fashion Theme 1

Morning all, just! I made this card for someone who asked me to do either fashion, London, baking or something to do with studying! So I made 4 for her to choose from, but didn't go with the studying theme as I had very little to use for that. Card & blank topper from Kanban, background Dawn Bibby stamps, shoe and flowers- Stamps by Chloe, sentiment numerals and jewels from stash.
 I have just been to B & Q for some compost then I can plant some of my bulbs, I was hoping to get started as soon as I got back, but it started to rain quite hard, perhaps after lunch! Autumn has come with a vengeance round here, temperature of 11 today but feels like 9,  that's what it says on my weather app anyway! I think all the birds are hiding in their nests to keep dry, I haven't seen any so far today. Well I will go and look round Blogland now. Take care.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Same background

.......different stamp today. Good afternoon everyone.  I think it's all the same info as yesterday as well for this card-paper, sentiment, peel-offs and glitter from stash, Kanban stamp coloured with Promarkers. I am just having some lunch as I type this, home-made celery and butterbean soup, not everyone's choice but we love it! I have posted some more garden pics today as well.

The posts are sunk and cemented into the holes, those are onions growing in a plastic boat that my grandchildren had as a sand pit.
Our last bonfire type burn up to get rid of tree roots, we have had some enormous brilliant bonfires in this garden, oh well!

More posts, with the drainage channels, complete with pea gravel.

Someone is going to have to work hard her. I am still in my observing/project manager role! Well that is it for today, I am going to do a bit more transferring of plants. Take care.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Good Afternoon! you all! I am late today as I was interviewing this morning, I have just got back and had my lunch. This card is made using a patchwork type paper that has been in my stash for ages. Stamp-Kanban, coloured with Promarkers, sentiment, glitter and peel offs from stash. I have posted some more garden photos below.

These are the drainage channels, as my soil is very clay-based in parts, particularly near the back door, and so has a tendency to puddle.
This is one of the holes for the support poles for the raised beds.
and a few more, plus some of the soil, clay, bricks  and stones that were dug out to make the channels. I was definitely watching at this stage, no hands on yet!
Well that's it for today, am doing a quick tidy up and then going to play in the garden! Take care.