Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Good brightish morning,  a right mess is what is on my desk this morning. I abandoned it yesterday at 4-20p.m. to collect my grandson from Rugby training, and I never got back to it. To the left clear sentiment stamps, a pink  vellum die cut,  scraps of pink paper,  half finished card using LOTV stamp, scissors, ruler, Versafine ink pad, steel ruler, bone folder, pokey tool, and yes the black Pro-Marker is still there. In case you are wondering why I am not only showing all this mess, but listing it too, get yourself over to Julia Dunnit http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk  then you will find out what it is all about, but HEALTH WARNING:-  It is addictive! Get going!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Ship Ahoy!

Good cloudy morning again, I thought I could see a hint of lightness coming through, but it may have been wishful thinking, it certainly looks cold. Today's card is another grunge, getting  near the end now! Background TST and Splodgeaway masks on Bazill card, plus some mopping up paper, blank toppers from Kanban, stamps from stash but again possibly Creator's Companion. Well that's it for today folks, better get ready for the school run. Keep warm.


Good cloudy morning everyone, well I am  back in the land of the living after my boozy lunch, we went to Brown's in Manchester,  I have never been there before but we enjoyed it, had a good laugh and then Pat and I caught the 5 o clock train home and left the younger ones to it! I am doing all my blogging up above the photo today, because try as I might I can't get it to nudge from the bottom. Another grunge card today. Background TST masks one grunged on Bazill card one heat embossed on creased  Kraft paper, the wing is a Kanban stamp heat embossed and the tag is from my stash. Well that's it from me, time to get ready for church. Keep warm.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Vintage Car

Good bleak morning to you all, it looks very cold outside, the birds are all sat with their feathers fluffed. I have not been outside yet, still sat in my nightie, ironing and blogging! I will be well and truly layered up before I venture out to feed the birds. Today's card: background DI and a piece of 'play' paper. Compass a TST mask embossed and heat embossed with Tim Holt's embossing powder-rusty hinge I think, ticket-Kanban heat embossed, plain topper Kanban, car stamp from stash possibly Crafter's Companion, oh and the little cogs are Kanban stamps heat embossed.. Well that's it from me, out for a boozy lunch in Manchester to celebrate my friend's daughter's 40th. Keep warm.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Felt appliqué

Good greyish morning everyone, well I am showcasing children's work today. These are the competed flowers that the children in school have done. It is the first time that most of them have done any sewing, and if you look closely you can see the variety of styles and stitching they used.

They all seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, and it was good to see them sat sewing and chatting away. There are just about a half dozen who need to complete theirs.

The next stage will be to trim them down and then frame them as their Mother's day cards, so that will be next weeks job. As you can see the flowers are cut from Spellbinder and Big Shot dies, the children chose the shapes and colours and set the flowers how they wanted them, we just pinned and started them off.
Well that's it for today, keep warm.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Penny Farthing

Good bright morning to you all! I have been out and about this morning, I had an appointment at audiology at 8-15 to be fitted with digital hearing aids, wow, the sounds I had forgotten or didn't realise I was missing. I heard my footsteps going downstairs at the hospital, the indicator clicking when I signaled to turn left, and, my fridge when it is on it's noisy phase is already getting on my nerves, it's on silent now thank goodness! Can I take this opportunity to say thank you to follower No: 19 Patricia Howarth, I know we will be communicating one way or another Patricia. Well I suppose this card should be Grunge  2 shouldn't it? I used a TST mask for the penny farthing on Bazill card, the cogs and ticket are Kanban, which have been heat embossed with Versamark and powder from my stash, the background under the cogs is a play a round with TST and Splodgeaway masks and DI's and a Dawn Bibby mica spray. Well that's it from me, I am just going to cut some felt leaves with my Big Shot, for school this afternoon. Keep warm.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Good cloudy morning to you all. Yes it is Wednesday again time to check in with Julia Dunnit at Stamping Ground  http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/ and see what is on desks around the globe. A whole lot of mess! That is what is on mine today, used baby wipes, Distress Inks, Sakura Gel pens on top of a pile of toppers waiting to be coloured in. A pile of Kanban stamps, a little pot of rubbish, some white glue that I thought was PVA but I now don't think it is, as I didn't get the required gunge effect-see yesterday's post. My black pro-marker, which I thought I had lost and so replaced it only last week and now it is found! I knew I should have said a prayer to St Anthony! Near the pem my pokey tool. Well that's it I think, I have also posted one of the cards I made with part of what was piled on my desk last week. Well that's it got to go, in school all day today, will start to visit you all this evening. Have a good day. Keep warm.

Gunge 1

Good beautiful morning to you all! Cold but bright, lots of blue sky today. Well it doesn't take long to get back in the routine, school run done, ironing done, blog started. Well here is today's card, it's call gunge because of the paste that I spread over the Splodgeaway masks, I saw Ali Reeve do it on C&C, she used cornflour, PVA and mica powder, but her gunge had a more glossy pearlised look to it when it dried, I will just have to have another play in a couple of weeks time. The bird cage is That Perfect Touch mask, the compass behind the cage is due to the DI or Versamark that transferred from  the embossing mat, so I didn't see it until I heated it up but I quite liked it, so left it. The wooden bird, sentiment, brads and card candy are from my stash are from my stash. Well that's it for today, I am just watching two collared doves finishing off the bird seed in the feeder, I can't believe how much the pigeon family have gone through since Sunday. Keep warm.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Raspberry Pink!

Good evening, a very late post today, and I haven't posted a blog since last Wednesday,that is because I have done lots of playing but not completed. I hope you are all keeping well, the weather round here has been light and bright since Saturday, I feel I can whisper (Spring!) I went to the cinema again on Saturday night with my grand-daughter Giorgia- her boyfriend works in a restaurant so she is at a loose end most Saturday's. We went to see the latest Bruce Willis film, I like the Die Hard films, they are always  action-packed and a bit far-fetched but I can allow for that and enjoy them. This one was too far fetched though so I was really disappointed, but Giorgia enjoyed it. Today's card: Background a Splodgeaway mask, Distress Ink- picked/ pickled raspberry- I will have to check,   flowers from stash, sentiment from stash, I am going to cover that fairy with something, because I don't like how it turned out, I used gilding flakes, but it's a bit poucey for me! So it's back to the drawing board. I can't believe it is 17-40 and I can still see outside, there are a couple of birds flying about too, will be clear skies tonight so cold, but a sunny day forecast for tomorrow- might even do a bit of tidying in the garden! Keep warm.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Good snowy morning to you all, I can't believe I am so late, I know it is mid-term but I didn't wake up until 9-45am, that's not like me at all. Anyway I am trying to take my time as this is the second time I have tried to do my blog, the first one half disappeared. So I got up late , took the photo, came down, plugged the iron in, made a brew and tried to rush everything, it was when I posted the link to Julia Dunnit that things went wrong, so I will leave that to the end, but, if you see a link to the stamping ground please click on it and what an amazing world will open up to you! Anyway My desk as you can see I have been playing with masks, some 'That Special Touch' and some Splodgeaway, as you can see I have been heat embossing and using distress inks, mica powder  and vaseline! And, because it is a snow day when I have finished my ironing and had my breakfast-no it will be Brunch, I am going upstairs to play some more! In case you are wondering how I can iron and blog I have a steam press so it doesn't need hands on all the time.The other photos in this blog are the cards I made with those black and red toppers from a few weeks ago. OOOhhh bif snowflakes now! I am going to insert the link and then try to make the other photos smaller. Keep warm.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pan Pastels and Butterflies

Good morning all, can I say thank you and welcome to my new follower aussie annie, I will be popping over to visit you later on.  A bit overcast here now but it was sunny earlier on, that is the forecast for today.  I didn't blog yesterday as I was running around doing all sorts of things. One of the nice things was I took my friend to visit her husband in hospital, and they let him come home, how's that for speed, he went in at 6-30am on Saturday morning for a knee replacement and at 2-30pm Monday he is home! Today's card, I wanted a bright one, and this certainly is: Background embossed using a Splodgeaway mask, rubbed over with Pan Pastels, Sentiment is a Sam Poole one on a Kanban  topper, Butterflies and trails from stash. Well that's it from me, I am off to make my pancake mix, visiting a friend this afternoon who has had an operation on her toes, going to the cinema this evening to see The Impossible- I will need to be stocked up on tissues again. Keep warm.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Black Daisies

Good morning all, a grey misty one today for us. I am still sat here in my dressing gown, I have just had brunch and will dash and get dressed when I have posted this. I have been ironing since 8-45, but it is all done for today. Les Mis last night was great, I thought they had adapted it really well, though I still prefer the stage version. Saying that I cried like a banshee, as did my daughter Caroline, and for that matter the grandkids, our eyes were stuck out like organ stops when we came out of the cinema! Well today's card, another UIU. I think this another Dawn Bibby stamp, if not it is Kanban, as are  the black toppers. I stamped the smaller daisies for the background, then heat embossed the larger daisies on the main topper. Finally I used a white pen for the faux stitching. Well that's it, must dash and get dressed before the Asda delivery arrives. Keep warm.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Black on red

Good afternoon, another late post from me again. Can I say thank you and welcome to my new follower Lena, she has got some lovely recipes on her page, I will have to try them over the next couple of weeks. A very cold day here today, bright in that we can see bits of blue in the sky, but a cold wind. I am late because I went into Manchester with my eldest daughter this morning, we had lunch out, and I haven't been home long, but oh my was it cold on the platform waiting for a train! Well today's card is one of my UIU's. I didn't know what to do with these red and black toppers from Kanban, so I Versamarked a Dawn Bibby stamp then heat embossed it using a red embossing powder, it looks quite good in the daylight. I distressed the red ones using Black Soot as they were a really vibrant red. I stamped the flower as background using a first and second generation technique. I added the feathers and pins to fill up the emptiness! They are all from my stash, the sentiment is either Dawn Bibby or Kanban. That's it, I am off to see Les Mis tonight, so I will have to stock up with tissues, my middle daughter is coming with me, she doesn't know what she is letting herself in for as I will be blubbering through most of it. Keep warm.

Thursday, 7 February 2013


Good evening everyone, I am late today aren't I. I was busy this morning cutting out felt flowers  with my Grand Calibur and Big Shot, they were for school this afternoon. We did applique flowers, which are going to go with the rain forest display but will then be used on their mother's day cards. It was a lovely afternoon sat quietly sewing, they concentrated so hard they forgot to talk! I just need to cut some more leaves for next time, but it won't be until after mid-term now. I will take some photo's of them  next time I am in. Today's card : That Special Touch mini-mask on background and topper. Pan Pastels on background, Distress Ink on topper-Sea Spray I think, Matted and Layered on paper from stash, Peel off from stash. Well that's it, I am just going to have my evening meal then visit WOYWW, I have got to the bottom of the first column now, I am behind this week, it will probably be Wednesday before I finish. Keep warm.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

WOYWW # 191

Good morning everyone-ooh it's dark. If you are wondering what this is all about go to Julia Dunnit's blog the stamping ground-http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/ and find out more. I have just realised my title is the wrong number, that's it I will leave the number off next time, it's too early. Not much to see scissors some flowers made from one of my Splodgeaway masks from last week, a Thin Jim acrylic block, scraps of card, a pot for bits. You can also see the next pink flower to be cut out tucked up against the lamp. Well that's it folks, yesterday's snow has been washed away by the rain, I am off to get ready for school. Keep warm.

Just a note

Good morning everyone, I am late today, my routine is all out of flunter. I had a hospital appointment at 8-15 a.m. and while I got there on time it took me ages to get home, so I have not long had my breakfast and I have not even started my ironing. That will be my first task when I have posted. We have had a real mix of weather here, thunder and lightning and snow last night, lots of snow and hailstone flurries today. But, as I keep writing on all the blogs I have visited, heavy rain is forecast for later so hopefully that will wash it all away. My card today is one of my UIU's: Black toppers-Kanban, stamps some I have had for ages, but I think the sentiment is Dawn Bibby, The edging round the toppers I am a bit disappointed with, it is a Sakura shadow pen that went on as a similar shade of pink as the background but has dried a gold colour. Well that's it, I am off to do the ironing. Keep warm.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Too blue

Good morning all, well there is more and more blue sky peeping through though it is windy. I thought I had overslept this morning because it was so much lighter at 7-15 than it usually is. Well my birthday weekend and celebrations are now complete, it is time to get back to the real world. Today's card is one of my UIU's, but it is a bit odd and out of sync, I think. There is some blue in the border and I thought the blue central flowers would make them pop out a bit more, but when I trimmed the paper off to fit the card more of the blue disappeared so it doesn't pop as much as clash. Anyway, her goes: Background paper Kay & Co, flower, dragonfly and sentiment  stamp-Dawn Bibby, embossed onto vellum from stash. Right I am just going to empty the dishwasher and tickle round the kitchen a bit, then go and play! Keep warm.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blue Fairy

Good morning everyone, a cloudy dull day here today. I can't believe I have not posted since Wednesday, but I was busy visiting WOYWW blogs around the world, so that took me to Thursday night. I did manage to make an anniversary card on Thursday for my friends but I took it round to them on Thursday and forgot to take a photo. Friday was my birthday a 'big number' one so we had a party Friday night, then yesterday I went into Manchester with said friends for a boozy lunch, while we co-celebrated my birthday and their anniversary. I got home about 9-45p.m. so I think a good time was had by all. I am now reviving with my first cup of coffee! So onto my card: Background Paper-Dawn Bibby, blank Kanban Toppers, LOTV stamp and Sentiment, Pro-markers for colouring, Pan Pastels, Butterflies from stash- they seem to have reacted to the camera and the shine from the table. Well that's me done, time for my second brew, breakfast, church, then a lunch with my daughter and family to toast my late husband as it would have been his birthday today. Keep warm. p.s. Can I say Thank you and welcome to my new follower- planetsusie.x