Friday, 29 March 2013

Flowers for the sun

Brrrrh! Good sunny but cold Good Friday morning to you all. I couldn't believe how bright the sun was when I got up at 8 this morning. There is one drawback though, it has highlighted a load of cobwebs and dusty bits, I am sure they weren't there yesterday, will have to attack them after I have been fortified with a toasted hot cross bun for breakfast!  Today's card was made in one of my UIU bursts. The card is Kanban, background DI, stamp from stash-coloured with Promarkers, some Dawn Bibby glaze of some kind, sentiment Andy Skinner-I think, done with Versamark and liquid pearls. The sun has gone behind a cloud now and some of the dustbits have disappeared, so I won't have to have my eyes tested yet. I have put the last two photo album photos on today. Breakfast, dust attack, play before church at 3. Enjoy your Good Friday, keep warm.


  1. Lovely card Carol. Love the flowers.

  2. Oh Wow Carol, these are just beautiful, love this stamp...finish product is awesome...xx

  3. Morning Carol, Firstly, sorry I didn't get any chance yesterday to switch on my laptop, really busy with Church things this week, but your card, albeit the 'C' word ha ha was gorgeous and yes it does feel like that time of year.
    I love the 'quirkyness' of your card today, the flowers in an arc are so effective, really lovely.
    I was at Church last night until 10pm, then this afternoon we have 2 services, then tomorrow morning there is cleaning (brasses, yuck, but they look so gorgeous when finished ha ha), then on Easter Day we have a service at 6.30 (5.30 in real time !!), then we have breakfast at Church, then home to get ready for the Family service at 10.30, hectic or what ha ha, my Graham will be 'holding the fort' at home while I'm on this 'marathon'.
    I had to shoot to Liverpool yesterday to give an old work colleague her 60th Birthday card, that I had made, she loved it, but it took me most of the day, it was lovely to see them all again, nothing much had changed (I finished work nearly 2 years ago, but I go back periodically to meet up with them for lunch and pop in to say 'Hi', or to deliver prezzies and cards ha ha), but it was just as if I had never been away, but great that I could walk away ha ha.
    Have a lovely Easter, don't eat too many bacon butties ha ha, but isn't it lovely when someone else makes it for you, yum, I was vegetarian for 12 months and the inevitable bacon butty brought me back again, although I never eat red meat, and I haven't got to think about where it came from either, I have always been the same, I can remember as a child asking my Mum 'what was this before it was on my plate?' and she used to tell me a pack of lies ha ha, with good intention ha ha.
    Sorry, this will be like 'War and Peace', ha ha.
    Have a lovely Easter.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  4. Good morning Patricia, I wondered where you had got to. It is good to pop back and meet up with former colleagues, and yes it is great to walk away again. Our service finished at 8-45 last night, then there is the Passion at 3 today. The vigil tomorrow evening at 7, but I don't go to that one. Easter mass at 11 on Sunday, I am a Eucharistic minister so will be on the altar for that. Then I will take communion to one of my old ladies. Then family meal, oh and I am sure there will be some chocolate along the way. Have a Joyful Easter.

  5. Happy Easter Carol.
    Enjoy your services.
    I love your card.

  6. Your card is gorgeous Carol and the album pages are beautiful.
    Sue xx

  7. Afternoon...what a lovely card Carol - love anything with pansies. More great album pages too. Gill x

  8. Fab album pages Carol and card is really lovely have a fab Easter weekend huggles hun Sue xxxxxx

  9. Hi Carol,
    fabulous flowers so superbly made. Love the colours too.
    Great album pages too.
    Hope you are having a wonderful Easter.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.