Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Good late morning to you all. I know now it's Wednesday, but I did forget, well it is the Easter Holidays, and I had a lie in until 9-30! Well I have finished my ironing and better get this mess explained. If you are wondering why I am showing you this get yourself over to Julia Dunnit a  and all will be explained, you can join in too, but be warned, it is addictive. So back to the desk, the tub of bits, scissors, card I posted yesterday, some Kanban toppers, a red bag containing.... hair products not craft products. They are dumped there because I have started a bit- bit being the operative word, of spring cleaning, and just dumped it there for the time being. Well I think that is it for today, I am going for a toot around the world. Keep warm-it is still trying to snow here but not very successfully!


  1. I think an Easter lie-in is not only forgiveable but probably compulsory! Hope the Spring cleaning goes well, and there's time left over for some crafting later... I've missed a few weeks, but happy to be back (and this time with my mother in tow!)... Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  2. Lots to look at there. As for your Easter lie in, well we were still asleep when you woke up, but we are very lazy bears!

    Hope you get some Easter crafty time,

    Waving hi from the bears @#96 this week.

  3. Aah Spring cleaning :0)
    I started with the bathroom, got that done and really must do the kitchen but too much crafting to do first LOL x
    have a Happy Easter WOYWW heather #86

  4. Morning Carol... we've got some left over snow from weekend but have bright sunshine here on the east coast.
    Thanks for answering my butterfly dilemma question - might end up tossing a coin LOL. Spring cleaning oooh - good luck with that. Happy WOYWW have a lovely day and happy Easter... must go and look at your prev post to see card next.. Gill x #75

  5. Did all my housework yesterday Carol so today is a total chill day! just so glad we didnt get any snow huggles hun Sue xxxxxxxxx

  6. Is that a food bowl I spy?
    Bridget #46 Happy Easter

    1. Hi Bridget, no it is not a food bowl, it's what I try to drop all the backing off 3D foam in, and all the bits out of the dies, instead of them just going straight on the floor.

  7. Just a little bit of spring cleaning I hope!! These cold mornings lie ins should be law! Chrisx

  8. Hi Carol
    I can't believe you have said those words "spring Clean" now we are all going to be feeling bad knowing that we should all be at it.
    Wishing you a very Happy Easter and a great day today

  9. Aah Spring cleaning! I think I'll wait tip spring actually arrives (could be a long wait) and puts me in the mood! Thanks for visiting my piece of blog land today, Happy WOYWW Carole Z #116

  10. I think I'll wait for it to look like Spring before I start cleaning! Long lie ins sound a much more attractive option! Happy belated WOYWW. Pam#21

  11. Stay warm!!! We just got more snow overnight and I'm well sick of the whole mess, lol! Crafting sounds better than cleaning, although my husband might disagree!

    Happy Easter!

  12. Hope you enjoyed your long lie. Like the others I'm waiting for spring to come. Once the daffs are out I'll do some spring cleaning!
    Will be stealing that bowl idea for the wee fiddly bits. It's a fab idea.
    I'm late coming round this week for WOYWW.